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About Tyrant Ent.

Tyrant Ent. caters to everyone and every business uniquely. We work with individuals, government offices, corporations, organizations, couples seeking to wed, event planners, churches and many more. Not limited to providing designs and web solutions, we also create business plans and strategies, public appearances and promotions as well. Branding is something that Tyrant Ent. does very well, and we will continue to do so.

Our Mission

Our mission is to holistically conceptualize, customize and develop accurate and adaptive branding that will stimulate our client's target market in order to allow them to excel and exceed physically and digitally to remain competitive in today's world. We take this seriously at Tyrant Ent. Your brand is essentially our own. By preparing a brand for each of our clients, it equips them with the ability to propel their identity into a new age and remain a constant mainstay in their field. We have been adamant about this since 2003.

Why Choose Us

People choose Tyrant Ent for several reasons. We handle our clients with a uniquely catered manner. Each client is different and has different goals, so we treat them all in the best, yet most innovatively and intricately. We also have the highest quality products. Our prints, designs, software solutions and websites are created to work across an array of operating systems and devices. We pride ourselves on clean, purposeful captive designs and prints. Last but not least is our prices. We have more than competitive design and printing costs that are the lowest around as well as the highest quality with the fastest turnaround time. All of these factors make Tyrant Ent. a definite contender. If you're interested in what Tyrant Ent. has to offer you, don't hesitate to contact us.


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Meet Our Team

Phillip M. Echols

Graphic and web designer. Owner & operator of Tyrant Ent. Handling all designs, printing, event coordination, managemment & logistics.